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Kids badminton Camp

  • 1 h
  • Abu Dhabi

Service Description

USports Kids Badminton Camp is a sports program designed for children who want to learn and improve their skills in badminton. The camp is open to kids aged 6-15 and is led by experienced coaches who provide instruction on the basic techniques, strategies, and rules of the game. The camp offers a range of activities including warm-up exercises, drills, practice matches, and fun games that help children develop their agility, hand-eye coordination, and teamwork skills. The program is structured to cater to children of different skill levels, from beginners to advanced players, and encourages participation in a friendly and supportive environment. The camp provides all the necessary equipment for the training sessions and ensures a safe and secure environment for the children. In addition to learning the technical aspects of the game, the camp also focuses on promoting a healthy and active lifestyle and fostering positive values such as sportsmanship and respect for others

Contact Details

  • Universal Sports Hub, Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates


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